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The Hive Program Allows Students To Become Paid Instagram Influencers For Amazing Brands!

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Earn Money

Get paid to post different brands' sponsored content on your Instagram!

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As a Hive Influencer you will gain access to our exclusive Facebook group where you will get to talk with others and create ideas for new ways to promote the brands we work with on campus!

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Access our influencer academy, learn how to grow your following, and take advantage of opportunities that will build your resume!

We Connect Student Influencers With Amazing Brands!

Swarm is a marketing company that helps large brands genuinely advertise to college students. We give you the opportunity to earn money by helping us promote these brands by posting sponsored content about them on your Instagram account. 


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How The Program Works

  • Sign Up

    Fill out the application form, get accepted, and your campus rep will text you with all the info you will need to get started!

  • Post Promotions

    You will receive promotions for different brands that you will post to your Instagram Story. Detailed instructions will be texted to you for each one!

  • Get Paid

    Once each promotion has been posted and our team has verified your post, you will be added to our payment queue and will receive a Venmo payment after 24 hours!

See What Current Hive Influencers Are Saying!

I've been a member for a year now and have loved the program. Easy way to earn extra money and it looks awesome on my resume!
Tori Laidig
I joined the Swarm program when it first started and have since then promoted apartments, clothing brands, and supplement companies which has been super cool. It's an easy way to make extra money and get experience working with big companies!
Annie LeCroix
Great way to earn extra money just by posting what they send you. The team at Swarm is super nice and truly care about you and your success outside of their program.
Rachel Kemming
I was able to use my time as a Swarm ambassador to boost my resume and get my dream job in social media marketing.
Sydney Gwinns
I've been a brand ambassador for Swarm for just under a year now and I have loved everything about the program. It is a great way to build resume experience that employers actually care about, all while making extra money on the side.
Emily Mosier

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I be promoting?

    We promote student housing apartments, clothing brands, supplement brands, and fashion accessory companies!

  • How much do I get paid?

    Easy story posts pay $3 each and feed posts pay $5 - $10!

  • Do I have to pay anything?

    No! We will never ask you to pay anything or give us any personal information!

  • How do I receive promotions to post?

    After signing up and learning how everything works via your campus rep, you'll be added to a texting list for your school and will receive promotions to post via text message!

  • What happens when I apply?

    Within 48 Hours of submitting your application you will get a text from your Swarm campus rep who will provide you all the details and information that you need to get started!

  • How often do I get promotions?

    During the school year you will receive 3-5 promotions per week!

Still have a question? Click the contact tab and send us a message! We will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Our enrollment is currently rolling so apply today and you will be notified about your admission into the program within 48 hours!

Sitting proudly in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Swarm is a disruptive marketing company that is on a mission to change the way brands advertise to college students. We believe advertising should be genuine, personal, and captivating. Our vision is to create a world where ads don't look like ads, where consumers buy from brands they resonate with, and where brands value relationships more than metrics.